Current Projects

Cape Sierra Redevelopment

The project is a redevelopment of the 18-acre site of the old Cape Sierra Hotel, located in a desirable suburb of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The site will host the Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel, the Central Utility Complex and the Additional Development.  The Additional Development is a mixed use development comprising the Cape Sierra Villas, Cape Sierra Residences (Serviced Apartments) and the Cape Sierra Hub (Medical Centre, Retail Units and Serviced Offices).

The MAPE Project

An exciting and innovative proposal to create a new, high quality town and associated coastal resort across the river from Freetown and closely linked to the Lungi International Airport.

Asset Leasing

The provision of a wide range of moveable assets (furniture and equipment, road vehicles, sea-going vessels) to all IDEA projects via fixed term operating leases.