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Who we are

Resourceful developers and managers of real estate in West Africa.

What we do

We redefine paradigms by using innovative solutions to create and operate built environments that closely meet the needs of the end user. Our goal is to be a leading real estate company in West Africa.

Development Partners
Our Values

We execute projects and operate companies based on our values of creativity, responsibility and interdependence.

Our Aims
Through our activities, we seek to create asset based businesses, local employment and notable GDP contributions.
Our Projects

We currently execute real estate and asset leasing projects. Our projects are environmentally responsible, and developed in accordance with Internationally accredited standards.

Our Strategy
We deliver asset based solutions through partnerships (whether public, local or strategic) and long-term relationships

We offer the opportunity to invest in our projects. Please contact us for more information.


Regular updates about the progress of our current and future projects.

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