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Top Level Hilton Team Inspects Mock Up Rooms

A director level team from Hilton Worldwide (Middle East & Africa) paid a visit to the project site to inspect the mock-up room and to discuss the pre-opening programme of activities. Design Consultants from Areen (Interior Designers), Vertical Integration (Architects) and Campbell Reith (Lead Engineers) were also present for the mock-up room inspections.

Mock Up Rooms

Two guestrooms have been fitted out on the 5th level of the Tower Block of the hotel. The two basic configurations of the standard guestroom were chosen for the Mock Up rooms – one guestroom (with a balcony) has a king-size bed and the other guestroom (without a balcony) has two queen size beds.

The mock-up rooms allow both Hilton and the designers to see what the concept design looks like in reality when installed in the actual location.

Mock up rooms also allow the Contractor to report any challenges they experienced during the installation so that solutions can be found to make the final fit-out of 200 guestrooms as smooth and efficient as possible. The bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms were fully fitted with all furniture and fittings.

Bulk orders are already being placed for most of the items that were signed off.

“The stunning location and topography of the site surpassed any of our expectations and can only be fully appreciated first hand. Once complete this hotel will be one of the most impressive on the West Coast of Africa. In particular the elevated position delivers outstanding views from all guestrooms and public areas“

Mike Nalborczyk, Senior Director Full Service Openings for Hilton in the Middle- East and Africa

“We are most excited about the development and very much looking forward to welcoming guests to this beautiful hotel in the near future”

The Hilton Team is expected to return for a follow-up inspection in late October. The visiting team also had the opportunity to meet with a delegation from the Ministry of Tourism & Cultural Affairs. The delegation was led by the Honorable Minister, Mr. Sidi Tunis and included Mr. Yassin Kargbo, General Manager of the National Tourist Board and his deputy Ms. Fatmata Osagie, and Mr. Mohamed Jalloh, Director of Tourism.

Minister Tunis welcomed the Hilton team to Sierra Leone and remarked that the hotel will provide the sort of facilities that would enable Sierra Leone to attract many top level international meetings, conferences and events.

Pre-Opening Programme

Mike Nalborczyk, Hilton’s Senior Director Full Service Openings, outlined Hilton’s requirements leading up to the opening of a 5-star Hilton. He described the role of the pre-opening team and the facilities required prior to the arrival of the team.

Mr. Nalborczyk reiterated Hilton’s commitment to working with the Ministry of Tourism & Cultural Affairs to develop the human resource capacity of the hospitality industry in Sierra Leone.

Tower Block Roof Slab Completed

The concrete frame of the Tower Block has been cast up to roof level whilst the concrete frame of the Ballroom Block only has one more floor to be cast.

Passenger Hoist Operational

The commissioning of the Passenger Hoist has made it a lot easier to move workers and materials more quickly and safely to the floors on this block, thus improving productivity.

The hoist is also used by visitors to access the upper floors of the Tower Block.

In keeping with the design philosophy of giving the hotel a local feel, the granite stones from the site have been cut and are being used to dress the outside walls of the hotel at the lower levels.

The granite stones are also being used on the perimeter wall.

Jetty Roadway

The plans for the hotel includes the construction of a jetty located on the oceanfront near Lumley Beach to land small boats. Work has started on the earthworks for the roadway for transporting guests and luggage to and from the jetty.


A Sierra Leonean company, Hughes Francis Flower Design & Landscape, has been contracted to develop a nursery on site to supply trees, shrubs and flowers in time for the comprehensive landscaping of the grounds of the hotel.

The nursery has been set up with over 1,300 plants under cultivation. The plant species have been specially selected by Matrix Partnership, the project’s landscape consultant. A key project objectives is to ensure the conservation of as many trees and plants and possible to preserve the habitat of the many birds, butterflies and other wildlife on the site.

Stakeholder Visits

NASSIT are the landlords of the site. In July the members of the NASSIT Board of Directors made a visit to the site. The board members commented on the rapid rate of progress and the sophistication of the construction methodology.

Other dignitaries who have visited the site included Hon Vandi Momoh, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs and Mr. Peter Versteeg, The European Commission Delegate to Sierra Leone.

Looking Ahead

The work over the coming months will include the installation of the mechanical and electrical fixtures, internal and external plastering, construction of the tennis court and swimming pool, roadworks and landscaping. We are working towards handing the building over to Hilton by September 2017.

For further information contact:

8 Kosie Williams Drive Freetown [email protected]

55 Old Broad St. London EC2M 1RX [email protected]

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