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Progress being made on internal finishes and landscaping.

Much progress has been made on internal finishes, external landscaping and utilities infrastructure since the last newsletter in November 2019. Since then the contractor has maintained 200-350 workers on site working in shifts. This newsletter focuses on the continuation of internal finishing work, the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Works, Central Utility Complex, and External Works.

Focus of the project turns to internal finishes

With the main structure of the hotel nearing completion, the focus of the project now turns to internal finishes, external landscaping and utilities infrastructure. Over 220 workers are currently on site for this phase of the construction programme. This newsletter focuses on the start of the internal finishing work, utility services and skills development of the local artisans.

Hotel Structure completed; fit-out in progress

The structure of the 200-room 5-star Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel has been completed and fit-out is well underway. The structure is now visible from a distance and forms an impressive addition to the Aberdeen skyline. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations have commenced. External hard and soft landscaping is also progressing.

Top Level Hilton Team Inspects Mock Up Rooms

A director level team from Hilton Worldwide (Middle East & Africa) paid a visit to the project site to inspect the mock-up room and to discuss the pre-opening programme of activities. Design Consultants from Areen (Interior Designers), Vertical Integration (Architects) and Campbell Reith (Lead Engineers) were also present for the mock-up room inspections.

Progress continues on the hotel structural frame

The construction of the Hilton Freetown Cape Sierra Hotel has accelerated. The structural frame of four out eleven floors of the Tower (West) Block have been completed. Work is also progressing on the first two floors of the Low (East) Block.